Filipino Culture and Values - Philippine (Filipino) Values in the Philippines

The family is the center of Filipino culture and values. Bottom Line: Filipino Values are driven by Philippine dedication to Philippines families.

Although there are always exceptions, the Philippine people place a high priority on their families and the honor of their families.

It is only when outside influences attack, such as extreme poverty or alcoholism, that the family is abandoned or neglected in any way.

filipino-culture-and-values-1Because of the necessity of having a strong community of support in the uncertain culture and day-to-day life in the Philippines, Filipinos get strength and stability from having a large and close-knit family.

In fact, many Philippine children have several godparents in addition to their biological parents in order to provide for them in the absence of their true parents.

Honorary relations are also given to close family friends as “sponsors”. Even I have been honored to be given this title at a wedding in which I participated because I am close friends with the bride’s family.

In many instances, families in the Philippines are very large and economically self-sufficient.

Although understandably not nearly as affluent as families in the West, there is a close bond and a clear expectation between relatives that each member be ready and eager to help when difficult times arise - as they often do in the Philippines.

For example, in America, each individual is taught to “make their own way”, to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”. However, Filipino values dictate that relatives be prepared to care for all family members to their utmost ability.  This is an important distinction, especially for a Christian missionary.

Filipino Values Rule the Workplace Too

Filipino culture and values within the family also spill over into the workplace.

It is expected, if not 100% certain, that Philippine owners of businesses will offer employment to members of their own family first, many times even above more qualified individuals outside the family.

This is normal and not considered to be rude in any way by those outside the family. It is an open and well-known fact to all employees of a business in the Philippines that preferential consideration will be given to family members above other staff.

In fact, it is common for a rather large business to be operated completely by Filipino family members.

As you can see from these short examples, the concept of the family is essential to Filipino culture and values.

The family shapes and defines the Filipino values system.  If you would like to experience it for yourself, check out my page on fundraisers for mission trips.

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  1. i have a filipino girl friend who is currently living and working in Qatar. after reading your post about family values of philipinos i came to under her constant references made towards her family. she considers her work abroad to be a sacrfice made for her family and this has come at the expense of her own hapiness.

    1. your wrong in spellings
      like philippinos instead of Filipinos

    2. hey a-hole! have you ever thought his not filipino ... stop implying you know everything !

    3. Yeap!!!! thats just how we are pilipinos.Our family values are the important keeping us closer together no matter how far apart from each other.

    4. Maybe she just wanted to get away from you (y)

  2. Nice! that's true.

  3. Nicole Velasco -Contributor, www.ourhappyschool.comJuly 25, 2013 at 8:41 AM

    I really do agree that family is the center of Filipino values. One of Filipino values dictate that relatives be prepared to care for all family members to their utmost ability. And for example that your in a hard times there's always a family willing to listen and get strength from them. The bottom line here is, Filipinos are known as close family ties that belong to Filipino values


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